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Unveiling Equality: Women at Work 2023

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the ambition of women within the workplace. Women are more determined than ever to pursue their career aspirations and break through traditional barriers.

According to McKinsey Report, over the past nine years, women's representation across the corporate pipeline has been low. However, there is a positive trend in senior leadership. Since 2015, the number of women in C-suite positions has grown from 17% to 28%, and women in vice president and senior vice president roles have also seen significant increases.

Now let’s break some myth about women’s experiences!

  • Myth: Women are becoming less ambitious. Reality: Women are more ambitious than before the pandemic - and flexibility is fueling that ambition.

  • Myth: The biggest challenge for women's progress is the difficulty in reaching top positions in their careers. Reality: The greatest obstacle women face in achieving senior leadership roles is the struggle to move up from entry-level managerial positions.

  • Myth: Small actions with negative undertones are believed to have a minor impact. Reality: Small actions with negative undertones have a significant and long-lasting impact on women.

  • Myth: It’s mostly women who want flexible work. Reality: Men and women see flexibility as a ‘top 3’ employee benefit and critical to their company’s success.

Recommendations for Companies

As companies work to support and advance women , they should focus on five core areas:
  • Monitoring Women’s Participation

  • Boosting Leadership Skills in Managers

  • Confronting Small Acts of Discrimination

  • Realizing the Benefits of Flexible Work

  • Solving the Entry-Level Hurdle for Good

Shatter the myths, embrace the reality, and lead the change.

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